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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About BLDC PUMP
[Question]: Is our pump self-priming?
[Answer]: All of our pumps are not self-priming, they can not draw air. You must use our pumps submersible or below the water level. Please refer to following installation diagram.
[Question]: The consequences of over-voltage using
[Answer]: Use pump at the rated voltage, overvoltage is harmful to the pump. During overvoltage operation, sometimes pump will be burned, and sometimes it will not be burned immediately but its lifespan will be very short. Confirm your power voltage before connecting it to the pump.
[Question]: Correct running voltage
[Answer]: Rated voltage operation is best, it could achieve pump's best performance. But in fact, every of our pumps can be wide voltage operation. Usually, every model could run from DC 5 volt to its rated voltage. However, water shortage protection models are the special case, they can run from DC 8 volt to its rated voltage.
[Question]: Dry running is forbidden!
[Answer]: Dry running (operation without liquid in the pump) will damage the pump, except some models with water shortage protection. Water shortage protection function will let pump stop to work when not enough water.
[Question]: Can not pump water immediately
[Answer]: Sometimes you may encounter this condition. The main reason is due to the dry friction. After long shipping process, the inside of pump will be short of water. There will be a large damping when the pump starts to work. You just need to put the water into water, turn on the power supply, then shake the pump gently, the pump will work normally, and will not encounter this problem anymore.
[Question]: The requirements of the medium
[Answer]: Ensure medium is clean, prohibit impurities into the pump. Impurities will damage impeller and permanent magnet rotor. Some device such as filter will be useful.
[Question]: Understand concept of head and flow
[Answer]: Head means water's height inside of a pipe, not the spraying height. When arriving max head, the flow rate will be zero. Max flow rate is the horizontal rate, if you need a certain height, the flow rate will be reduced. You could choose the suitable pump according to our Performance Curves in our product pages.
[Question]: Instructions on Price
[Answer]: BLDC PUMP has an expensive price because of its high cost. But it has very high efficiency and long lifespan. You can save your money from energy saving.
[Question]: About power supply
[Answer]: Any stable DC power source could be used as BLDC Pump's power supply. Including AC-DC adapter, DC power source in various types of equipment, battery, solar power system. When using solar panel as the power supply, you must choose the suitable rated voltage solar panel match to our pump's rated voltage.
[Question]: Waterproof Instructions
[Answer]: BLDC Pumps are completely 100% waterproof due to its special structure. Unlike machinery sealing, the stator of BLDC pump is potted with epoxy and separated from the rotor by pump body's isolation layer, it is entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter.
[Question]: About us
[Answer]: We are a brushless DC pump factory located in Shenzhen of China, we specialize in brushless DC pumps for many years. If you have needs for volume purchase, we could provide you a good price and customized service.
[Question]: Don't pull the power cord
[Answer]: Never pull the power cord of pump, power cord can't be used as a load-bearing line.
[Question]: We sell adapters
[Answer]: We sell some adapters, not very cheap. Because we need to choose good quality adapters to guarantee our pump's lifespan. We suggest you purchase the power supply from your local market if possible, as you will spend too much on the shipping fee.
[Question]: Custom Services Content
[Answer]: We provide various customized service for volume purchase. Including pump's wire length, type of connector plug, float switch for the pump, waterproof power supply, any non-default model, water shortage protection, some pumps accessories, and so on. Or even develop a brand new pump for your needs.
Why choose BLDC PUMP
Difference between brushless and brushed pumps
Brushed DC Motor Rotation
Step 1. The armature is pushed away from the left magnet and drawn toward the right.
Step 2. The armature continues to rotate.
Step 3. When the armature becomes horizontal, the commutator reverses the direction of the current, reversing the magnetic field.
Step 4. The process then repeats.
Brushless DC Motor - Electronic commutation replace of mechanical commutator
Due to this innovation, some limitations of brushed motors were overcome by brushless motors. They include higher efficiency, no mechanical wear, and no spark. These benefits come at the cost of more complex and more expensive control electronics.
Brushless motors offer several advantages over brushed DC motors, including high torque to weight ratiomore torque per watt (increased efficiency), increased reliabilityreduced noiselonger lifetime (no brush and commutator erosion), elimination of ionizing sparks from the commutator, and overall reduction of electromagnetic interference(EMI).
The structure of BLDC PUMP
With no windings on the rotor, they are not subjected to centrifugal forces. And because the windings are supported by the housing, the rotor can be cooled by the conduction media, do not need airflow inside the motor for cooling. All of this means that the motor's internals could be entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter.
The stator is potted with epoxy and separated from the rotor by an isolation layer. So the waterproof performance is very reliable. This kind of pump is amphibious and maintenance-free.
BLDC PUMP has many Unique advantages
1. In cooling system
Many devices need a low failure rate cooling system, because the failure of the cooling system may lead to burn the whole equipment or lead a project to fail. BLDC PUMP has much longer continuous working lifespan compare to common DC water pump, due to its brushless DC motor and unique structure. And low noise is the second reason you should choose BLDC PUMP for a cooling system, it makes you feel more comfortable to get away from noise interference.
2. In Fish Tank Aquarium
As the same reason in the cooling system, you need a reliable system to protect the fish or reef. Maybe brushed DC water pump or AC pump could also do this work, but it is not 100% safety. Another main reason is that BLDC PUMP used a complex circuit to control, many functions such as pumping water, making waves could be integrated on one same pump.
3. In small water features & other applications
Usually, it is a huge project to make a fountain or water feature, but sometimes we do not need a very large one. Then small BLDC PUMP could help, it is simple and convenient. The portable feature allows you to easily take it to wild for pumping water to drink or bathe.
In summary
If the system or equipment is important and people need to use it very frequently, it is really worth to choose BLDC PUMP. As described above, it is reliable, safe, versatile, and portable. But that does not mean it is suitable for every application.
We are the Manufacturer
Maybe you could find a lot of cheaper products in many online stores, but you cannot confirm its source channel: repair products, inferior goods or other. We are the manufacturer and sell our newest products to satisfy our customers. Most important, we could provide customized service according to your unique requirements.